Due Diligence Documents Required

  • Current rent roll by name, space and amount paid
  • List of all Security Deposits by name, space, date paid and amount
  • Information on any pass‐through fees, affected spaces, increases
  • Financial income/expense statements for last 36 months (PL’s)
  • Tax reported schedules (last two years)
  • Preliminary Report / Title Report
  • Copies of underlying notes/contracts on Park owned units or equipment
  • All governmental licenses and permits (HCD, county health, city, etc.)
  • Property tax statements, (last two years)
  • Copies of utility bills for last 90 days
  • Personal Property/Equipment List of items included in the sale of the property
  • Title/Registration records for all Park owned homes/vehicles included in sale
  • All appraisals, plotted easement surveys, parcel maps and Aerial Photos
  • Any Phase I Environmental Reports/Work
  • Park Rules & Regulations (and proof of meeting and service for proper implementation)
  • Rental/Lease Agreements & Pet Agreements for each tenant and space
  • Rent Control Ordinance ‐if applicable (Base Year financials if base year is specified)
  • Supplier/Vendor List with names of contractors and phone numbers
  • HCD Inspection Reports most recent with inspector sign‐offs on violations
  • Copy of most recent Fire Hydrant Inspection Report and Five‐Year Flow Test Report
  • Copy of most recent County Environmental Health Inspection reports
  • CPUC (gas system) Inspection Reports, DIMP binder, Operation Maintenance manual
  • Utility Infrastructure schematics, Map layout of Park with lot lines defined
  • Current disclosures (Prospective Homeowners CC§798.74.5 /Rental Agreement CC§798.75.5)
  • Hazardous Waste Report/Toxic Waste Studies
  • Existing insurance policies including umbrella coverage (flood, earthquake, fire, etc.)
  • Flood Zone Map
  • Meter Rotation and certification Schedule(s) for past 5 years (gas, electric, water)
  • Water system Test reports, inspection reports, System technical information (if applicable)
  • Sewer septic system inspections reports, tank pumping schedule, design (if applicable)

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