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CRI Property Management is agent and contracted to process applications and run credit for the property owner. As per California Civil Code Section 1950.6, the landlord or property owner may charge you an application screening fee when you are applying to rent.   The landlord collects this fee to cover the cost of obtaining information about you, such as checking your personal references and obtaining your credit report.   The application fee is $30 per adult. Please make money order or cashier’s check payable to the name of the property to which you are applying.   We do not accept cash for payment under any circumstance nor will we accept a personal check for an application fee. If you are asked to pay cash for any reason please call CRI.  Please be sure to collect your itemized receipt for any application fee paid.   


                                              RENTAL REQUIREMENTS

1.    Signed Information Sheet/Disclosure detailing agreed rent and any utility fees.  

2.    $30 application fee per adult paid via money order or cashier’s check.  Please make funds payable  to name of property or community where you are applying.  (Application fee cost detail $16.60 for  credit check +$13.40 administrative to check references)  

3.    Complete application. When filling out your application please “print” clearly and be sure to  complete all sections. Missing information can result in the delay of your application process.  

4.    Copy of SS Card and Driver’s License or Government issued ID for each applicant.  

              “Application will not be processed if it’s not provided”          

5.    Must have a minimum combined income of three (3) times the rent.  To verify your income please  provide one of the following, a copy of three (3) employment check stubs, a copy of your income  award letter (ss./disability), or three months bank statements showing deposits/balances.   

6.    Must have previous good rental history – please          be sure to give landlord phone numbers.  Addresses will be verified.    

7.    Pets: The number of, size (weight) and the breed of your pets must be approved, and must comply  with property rules and regulations.   Accommodation for service animals will be made in accordance with California law.  

8.    Must meet park age requirements if any.   

9.    If parking available on premises, all vehicles must fit in assigned parking space.   

10. If RV space rental, copy of current registration and proof of insurance for the RV vehicle.  


We encourage you to request from management a copy of the lease or rental agreement, the park’s rules and regulations, and a copy of the mobile home residency law or any applicable disclosures to the community and read these documents before making the decision to rent. Upon request, park management will provide you a copy of each document.

Co-Signor Consideration -Applicants who have negative or no credit history, or no rental history, will not necessarily be denied.  In some cases, we will consider a co-signor.  Co-Signors must complete and sign a rental application and provide all information listed under rental requirements. Co-Signor must prove their ability to meet their own financial obligations as well as the applicant they are Co-Signing for.  A Co-Signor will only be considered if their income is a minimum of five (5) times the rent.  Co-signors credit, rental history, and debt will also be a determining factor in approval consideration.  The allowance of Co-Signor will likely require increased deposit of up to two (2) times the rent.

If approved, at lease signing you will be responsible to pay in certified funds prorated and or 1st months’ rent, security deposit, and any other agreed fees.  You must also sign and agree to comply with park rules and regulations to reside in the park.     

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